Neil Cottam

Hi - Namaste!

When Wilco asked me if I would like to return to The Himalaya how could I refuse?

My name is Neil Cottam, I am 42 years old, and along with Wilco I will be guiding our party of happy trekkers all the way along the Old Expedition Route to Mount Everest Base Camp.

It is a very demanding route and it will present us with many challenges; both personal and physical. Luckily I like challenges!

I am very excited to be returning to one of the most beautiful and inspiring places on Earth with the company of my great friend and the people he has inspired to come along. (I hope you all know what you are letting yourselves in for! Hahaha)

For me being able to participate in this challenge is a fantastic opportunity to revisit this amazing landscape but most of all I am excited about making so many new friends; and being able to help highlight the work that Wilco does inspiring young people with his foundation.

He inspires me too.

I have travelled independently to many places around the World including several journeys through Asia and I have a wealth of experience to rely on.  I also spend much of my free time in the hills or mountains; mostly Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Hiking, Camping and Climbing. I have an adventurous spirit.

I can’t wait!